If you’ve encountered the error message “You need a higher level of permission. Sorry, you are not allowed to manage options for this site” while trying to save the API key in the MailChimp for WordPress plugin, you’re not alone. This issue arises when using a specific filter in the plugin, and we’ll guide you through resolving it.

The Problem

The problem lies in the way the MailChimp for WordPress plugin uses the mc4wp_admin_required_capability filter in its code. Although it controls access to the admin page, it doesn’t handle saving settings properly. To address this, you’ll need to implement an additional filter, option_page_capability_option_page, which the plugin currently lacks.

The Solution

Here’s a step-by-step guide on resolving the issue:

Step 1: Identify the Plugin

Firstly, make sure you’re dealing with the correct plugin. The user mentions using the Advanced Access Manager plugin, but this may not be sufficient for resolving the issue.

Step 2: Add Filters in functions.php

You’ll need to manually add filters to your WordPress theme’s functions.php file. If you are using a child theme, open the functions.php file within the child theme folder.

Add the following code to address the capability issue:

// For MailChimp Settings
function( $capability ) {
return 'edit_pages';

// For MailChimp Integrations Settings
function( $capability ) {
return 'edit_pages';

Step 3: Save the File

Save the functions.php file after adding the code.

Step 4: Verify the Fix

Refresh your WordPress admin panel and try saving the API key again. The error should no longer occur.

Why This Works

The original plugin lacks the necessary filter for handling options page capabilities. By manually adding these filters, you are ensuring that the editor user role has the required capability to manage MailChimp settings.


While plugins like Advanced Access Manager attempt to manage roles and capabilities, they may not effectively handle custom filters like the ones MailChimp for WordPress uses. In such cases, manual intervention as described above is necessary.


By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Manage Options” error for the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. If the issue persists or you have additional questions, consider reaching out to the plugin author for a permanent fix.

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