If you’re working on a Gutenberg block that includes a toggle control to hide or show content, you might encounter an issue where the editor doesn’t recognize the changes made in the toggle control, preventing you from saving or updating the page. This how-to article will guide you through fixing this problem.

Understanding the Issue

In the provided HTML discussion, the user is facing a problem where the toggle control updates correctly, but the changes are not recognized by the editor. The root cause is identified – the block component state is being updated, but the block itself is not being updated or saved.

Solution: Updating Block Attributes

To ensure that the editor recognizes changes made in the toggle control, you need to update the block attributes and use setAttributes() to save those changes. Follow these steps to fix the issue:

Step 1: Add an Attribute for the Toggle Control

In your block code, make sure to declare an attribute for the toggle control. In the provided example, the attribute is named hideContent:

export default function Edit({ attributes, setAttributes }) {
const { blockcontent, hideContent } = attributes;
// ...

Step 2: Update ToggleControl to Use the Attribute

Modify your ToggleControl component to use the newly added attribute and update it using setAttributes():

label="Hide Content?"
onChange={(checked) => {
setAttributes({ hideContent: checked });

By doing this, you ensure that changes made in the toggle control update the hideContent attribute of the block.

Step 3: Update Block Controls

If you have other controls in your block, ensure they also update the corresponding attributes using setAttributes().

Step 4: Update block.json

Don’t forget to update your block.json file to declare the new attribute. This step is crucial for the editor to recognize and handle the attribute correctly.

Final Notes

Following these steps should resolve the issue of the editor not recognizing changes made in the toggle control. Remember to save your changes and update the block to see the desired behavior.

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